Sunday, 22 April 2018

(SOUND FIXED AT 3:16) Controversial Keto Chat #06 - My issues with Keto Coaches and Youtube Collabs

Apologies for the sound issues, the proper video starts at 3:16 
13:23 My issue with non-medical "keto Coaches"
51:53 The ethics of YouTube collaborations and my take on my collaboration with Dr Ken D Berry MD and why I didn't do another since (careful, drama ensues)
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Rant on Keto Coaching and who should be entitled to sell those services and all the risks of ignorance and lack of knowledge of simple ketoers selling just based on their own experience

Prof Tim Noakes twitter
the Noakes Foundation

Alcohol In Keto
Tested Faste my husband values were 2.4 mmol ketones and 3.9mmol glucose
Tested 1 hours after having a few glasses of Cherry Liquer 40% alcohol and sugar free lemonade his values were 1.1 mmol ketones and 4.0mmol glucose.

Basically means that alcohol does not raise bloog sugar, but because it get burnt as a priority it will lower ketones cause the alcohol needs to be burned first

MissKitKatCupcake, the only other british youtuber I know of:

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Tegole, the italian hazelnut biscotti I first ketofied back in early 2014

Niacin, Magnesium, Iodine in Keto

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