How to make your own liquid sucralose

When it comes to sweeteners while on a low carb diet there are two things that need to be taken into account:
  1. Carb content: ideally zero
  2. Glycemic Index (how quickly/how much your blood sugar level and insulin increase after consumption of food): ideally zero
Sucralose ticks all the good boxes
  • Glycemic Index: 0
  • Carbohydrates: 0
  • Calories: 0
  • Sweetness: x650 sugar
  • Aftertaste: none
  • Counter effects: none
  • Health risks: none (read more on the NHS)
Unfortunately, in most commercialised forms Sucralose is powdered (aka Splenda) and to reduce it’s sweetening power and making it an easy 1:1 replacement for sugar is often cut with Maltodextrin
Maltodextrin ruins the aforementioned good quality of sucralose ticking these boxes:
  • Carbohydrates: 94g per 100g (it basically IS carbs)
  • Glycemic Index: 105. (Pure Glucose is 100, sugar merely 65. This SPIKES blood sugar and insulin which, when present, inhibits ketones, so break ketosis.) 
Thankfully there are unbranded version of pure sucralose which are just Pure Sucralose, no strings attached
  • One is Liquid, which means diluted from its pure form
  • One if Powdered and fully concentrated.
The Liquid version is still incredibly sweet and comes with a drops counter cause you will literally just use 2/4 drops to sweeten a huge cup of tea for instance.
The powdered version is the pure thing but because of that it might be harder to use and dose: it will always be too much. You’d need a scale for micrograms to use it, even when you bake and use the equivalent of cups of sugar. However it comes in 100g pouches which are much more than the equivalent for the liquid version, for an even cheaper price.

100ml of Liquid Sucralose are as sweet as 3g of the pure sucralose powder!

which suddenly makes the powdered version the best deal. However the trick about dosage remain but here’s the point of this entire post: WE CAN MAKE LIQUID SUCRALOSE FROM POWDER OURSELVES!
You will need
To make your own liquid sucralose you will need to:
  1. Measure 3g of sucralose in the jug.
  2. Pour 100ml boiling water and stir until the sucralose powder dissolves completely.
  3. Transfer onto glass bottle and store in your cupboard
It is *that* easy. And means that you will never have to buy sucralose again basically. To give you a general idea of the sweetening conversion
1 teaspoon sugar = 3/4 drops liquid sucralose
Since most of my recipes you’ll see call for liquid sucralose I thought this could be useful, and maybe a good keto=hack trick in general. Let me know how you get along with your sucralose making :)


  1. first of all thank you very much for the recipie and directions. just one question: "1 teaspoon sugar = 3/4 drops liquid sucralose" you mean 3 or 4 drops, or a three-quarter of a drop?? thank you!! gabriel


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