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Weight Set Point Reset + How To Change It ๐Ÿ“š Keto Science Explained

Weight Set Point or why we cannot seem to lose weight or always regain more weight after a weight loss diet ๐Ÿฅ‘ Join the VIPs at ๐Ÿฅ“ Tip Jar? ๐Ÿ”” Exclusives at 0:00 WEIGHT SET POINT 00:13 SCIENCE INFORMATION AND SOURCES FOR THIS VIDEO 00:39 DR JENKINSON WHY WE EAT TOO MUCH 00:52 METABOLOGY AND WEIGHT SET POINT 01:31 PART ONE: DATA AND STUDIES 02:28 PART TWO: HOMEOSTASIS 03:40 THE VERMONT PRISON FEAST 04:53 PART THREE: BIOLOGY ALWAYS WINS 06:51 PART FOUR: WHAT AFFECTS THE WEIGHT SET POINT? 07:52 PART FIVE: FOOD AS MEDICINE 08:09: INSULIN 08:34 OMEGA 6 VS OMEGA 3 09:22 NUTRIENT DEFICIENCY 10:37 PART 6: HOW TO SHIFT THE SET POINT DR ANDREW JENKINSON: WHY WE EAT TOO MUCH If you get it through this link you also support our research C.L. Ogden and M.D. Carroll (2008). Prevalence of Overweight, Obesity, and Extreme Obesity Among Adults: United States, Trends 1960–1962 Through 2007–2008 ► R. Bailey (2018). Evaluating Calorie Intake for Population Statistical Estimate (ECLIPSE) Project, February. Office for National Statistics, Data Science Campus ► P. Miller (2015). The United States Food Supply is not consistent with dietary guidance: evidence from an evaluation using the Healthy Eating Index-2010 J Acad Nutr Diet, 115(1) ► Mean Body Weight, Height, and Body Mass Index, United States 1960–2002 ► A. Keys et al. (1950). The biology of human starvation, Vol. 1. Minneapolis, University of Minnesota Press ► Fothergill E, Guo J, Howard L, et al. Persistent metabolic adaptation 6 years after "The Biggest Loser" competition. Obesity (Silver Spring). 1612-1619. doi:10.1002/oby.21538 ► J. Speakerman (2004). The Functional significance of individual variation in basal metabolic rate. Physiol Biochem Zool,900-915 ► G. Koepp (2016). Chair-based fidgeting and energy expenditure. Vermont Prison Feast Experiment ► E. Sims and E. Norton (1968). Endocrine and metabolic adaptation to obesity and starvation. Am J Clin Nutr, 21(12) 1455-70. ► R. Leibel et all (2000). Effect of changes in body weight on carbohydrates metabolism, catecholamine excretion, and thyroid function. A. Harris et al (2006). Weekly changes in basal metabolic rate with eight weeks of overfeeding. Obesity (Silver Spring), 14(4), April, ► R. Keesey (1997). Body weight set-points: determination and adjustment. J Nutr, 127(9), September, ► Sumithran P, Prendergast LA, Delbridge E, et al. (2011) Long-term persistence of hormonal adaptations to weight loss. N Engl J Med. 2011;365(17):1597-1604. doi:10.1056/NEJMoa1105816 ► R. Leibel et al. (1995). Changes in Energy Expenditure Resulting from Altered Body Weight. N Eng J Med ► S. Roberts and I. Rosenberg (2006). Nutrition and aging: changes in the regulation of energy metabolism with aging ► Dankel SN, Degerud EM, Borkowski K, et al. (2014). Weight cycling promotes fat gain and altered clock gene expression in adipose tissue in C57BL/6J mice. Am J Physiol Endocrinol Metab. 2014;306(2):E210-E224. doi:10.1152/ajpendo.00188.2013 ► Oสผrourke R. W. (2014). Metabolic thrift and the genetic basis of human obesity. Annals of surgery, 259(4), 642–648. ► NEEL J. V. (1962). Diabetes mellitus: a "thrifty" genotype rendered detrimental by "progress"?. American journal of human genetics, 14(4), 353–362. ► Velasquez-Mieyer PA, Cowan PA, Arheart KL, et al. (2003) Suppression of insulin secretion is associated with weight loss and altered macronutrient intake and preference in a subset of obese adults. Int J Obes Relat Metab Disord. 2003;27(2):219-226. doi:10.1038/sj.ijo.802227 ► Simopoulos A. P. (2016). An Increase in the Omega-6/Omega-3 Fatty Acid Ratio Increases the Risk for Obesity. Nutrients, 8(3), 128. ► Martรญnez Steele, E., Baraldi, L. G., Louzada, M. L., Moubarac, J. C., Mozaffarian, D., & Monteiro, C. A. (2016). Ultra-processed foods and added sugars in the US diet: evidence from a nationally representative cross-sectional study. Come interact and share your recipes and ideas on INSTAGRAM FOOD INSTAGRAM SCIENCE FACEBOOK GROUP FACEBOOK PAGE