Thyroid UPDATE, Apologises, and KETO is a SCAM (and Bad for Thyroid Metabolism)

I am not here to promote weight loss There was a time I did, and I had a falsified perception of what losing weight meant and required. GoFundMe New Channel Fatphobia or Racism video: I am a fat activist for acceptance, I want society to change, medical Misogyny to end and take us seriously. I am not endorsing body-positive attitudes where once again it's about personal responsibility, either to lose weight or to love ourselves. No. The dignity that society takes away from us is the issue, victim-blaming will not work forever. That being said, I am "obsessed" with taking control of my health and my body Because of this channel, I went back to school to study biology so it's thanks to this I had a chance to understand how bad it was that doctors were ignoring me. I have seen my body behave against what we consider "common sense" and what's changed is that after years of self fustigation cause it must be still my fault, I saved up, saw a private endocrinologist, and even there I had to press enough to have them notice what my issues and weird blood test might mean. So let's start from the beginning 00:00 Thyroid UPDATE, Apologises, and KETO is a SCAM (and Bad for Thyroid Metabolism) 01:26 This is NOT about Weight Loss 03:08 Apologies for Supporting Keto 04:07 I never supported Keto Coaches 08:38 Weightloss is NOT a guarantee of health 09:58 A Body Against Common Sense 11:31 The Beginning of My Health Journey 12:20 Hypothyroidism 13:18 Medical Fatphobia 14:53 The Failure of the Insulin Model 18:46 My Non-Hashimoto Hypothyroid Journey 20:39 Thyroid Medication is NOT a weightloss solution 21:58 Keto is a Cult 23:11 Hypothyroid and Diabetes balance 23:53 Inflammation, low carb, and Multiple Sclerosis 25:24 Keto as Orthorexia 26:27 the derange of Keto into Conspiracy Theories 28:31 What do I eat now 29:40 800 Fast damages your health 29:58 Thyroid Medication and Life Span 31:24 Carbs and Calories 32:24 What's my Goal Now? 32:56 The Abuse I Received as a Fat person in the Keto Community 34:52 Keto Gurus and Thyroid Function Denial 36:14 Keto went full blown conspiracy 37:21 Apologies for supporting the Keto community 39:49 Why it's important to me to make amends What The Keto Diet Actually Does To Your Body How Does Keto Affect Your Thyroid? Is Keto (Low Carb) Really Safe for the Thyroid? no. Low Carb Diets vs. Thyroid | Keto & Intermittent Fasting Effects (Thyroid Myths)