How To Reverse Keto Metabolic Damage with Thyroid, Sex Hormones and Genetic Tests

🥑 Support us on Patreon at These are the tests that were necessary for me to get a picture of the problems that were making me gain weight on strict keto while eating just every other day: blood tests explanations, how to do them comfortably from your home, how to read the results, the NHS ranges and the optimal ranges and the knowledge I needed to advocate for my health. MEDICHECKS ADVANCED THYROID PANEL WITH VITAMINS MEDICHEKS SEX HORMONES (Oestradiol, Progesterone, FSH) 23ANDME GENETIC TEST PROMETHEASE CHAPTERS 0:00 How To Reverse Keto Metabolic Damage with Thyroid, Sex Hormones and Genetic Tests 0:50 MY KETO JOURNEY 2:05 ESTROGEN DOMINANCE AND THYROID FUNCTION 2:43 FIRST FULL THYROID PANEL TEST RESULTS AND OPTIMAL RANGES 5:48 MEDICHEKS ADVANCED THYROID PANEL TEST 6:30 MEDICHEKS HRT SEX HORMONE TEST 7:26 23ANDME GENETIC TEST If you shop at any of these stores and use our links at NO EXTRA COST TO YOU you will be helping us with the running costs of ThyroidVsKeto MEDICHECKS (private blood tests you can do at home!) EVERYTHING ON AMAZON If you need anything from amazon and go via this link you can then search for anything and that way, no extra cost to you, but Amazon will pay us a small referral commission, and every little helps. AMAZON.CO.UK ▶️▶️ ◀️◀️ AMAZON.COM ▶️▶️ ◀️◀️ BULK POWDERS (anything from electrolytes to zero syrups to protein powders) ▶️▶️ ◀️◀️ NINJA KITCHEN (my blender, air frier and chopper come from there) ▶️▶️ ◀️◀️ Come interact and share your recipes and ideas on INSTAGRAM FACEBOOK GROUP FACEBOOK PAGE I love to research but I am not a medical professional and the information given here does not constitute medical advice. If you embark on a lifestyle change please consult your doctor first.