Keto UK Amazon Shopping List

Best Price and Lowest Carb essentials every ketoer needs in the pantry: 

Almond Flour 
6g carbs per 100g 
£8.86 per Kilo

Coconut Flour (you use 1/3 if what you'd use regular flour, hence the carbs being acceptable)
16g carbs per 100g
£3.50 per 500g

Chocolate Chips (Callebaut Cocoa Mass 100%)
5.7g carbs per 100g
£13.19 per Kilo (less than Lindt 90% 100g bars)

Cocoa Powder (Barry Plein Arome Brune)
8.7g carbs per 100g
£15.99 per Kilo

Cacao Butter (the best fat burning fat, better than MCT oil)
0g carbs
£16.39 per Kilo

Beef Dripping / Tallow (as above, rich in Stearic Acid)
0g carbs
£4.99 per 250g (cheaper if you can get Britannia Beef Dripping in the UK Supermarket)

Erythritol + Stevia Sweetener 1:1 sugar replacement
0g carbs
£8.50 per 750g

Sukrin Gold Brown Sugar Replacement
2.2g carbs per 100g
£12.99 per 500g

Zero Maple Syrup
0g carbs
£5.99 per 400ml

Pure Sucralose Powder (to make your own liquid sucralose)
0g carbs
£14.95 per 100g


The links are the products I use, and are affiliate to the Amazon Associates program, meaning that when you buy a product via one of these links you are supporting the channel at NO EXTRA COST to you and you have all my appreciation for that.