Keto Diet App in-depth Review

If you've been at one of my Livestreams Q&A in the last couple of months you already have heard me sing the praise of the Keto DietApp by Martina Slajerova. Martina is not only an amazing Keto Chef but in the years her app has been developed to what it's now an all-around-keto passe-partout, not only featuring the delicious recipes from the KetoDiet Blog and the ones exclusively available via the app, but so so much more. You might have caught my Video Review on YouTube, now et's look at it bit by bit more in depth cause really, this app can now take over most of what you're using at the moment, it did it with me as I ditched MyFitnessPal (and a streak of almost 5 years on it) for how well the calculator, planner and general information analysis are on the KetoDiet App.


The KetoDiet App features its own Keto Calculator: the KetoDiet Buddy, available on their website as well, here it's just integrated seamlessly. So all the time you spent jumping from a keto calculator and "optimal macros" on excel spreadsheets to then input those values manually in MyFitnessPal, trying to convince it that indeed you want to have that much Fat and that's not going to be bad for you? Well this takes the fuss out of all of it. By filling your Profile you basically input the variables a keto calculator needs to give macros calculated specifically for you. On the Keto Diet App this also comes with options whether you want to Lose weight (at a small, medium, large or custom deficit), Gain Weight (muscle) or even input your own Custom Goals if you want to tinker with your own values yourself. With your data it comes out knowing your Basal Metabolic Rate, your Protein needs according to your physical activity levels and lean body mass and all it's calculated and set for you already, and shared on the Planner, which I'll get to in a second but it's basically going to be your food diary.
KetoDietApp Profile - Keto Buddy Keto Calculator


Based on your values and Macros calculated in your Profile, your Planner shows your Macro goals and values at a glance for every day. When picking a day, whether you're planning in advance or just logging the food you're currently having, a world of data opens up to you, more than any other food tracker you've ever used: following the tabs on top you have of course the classic Meals, the option to add food to those by either

  • Searching for specific ingredients in the Database (Quick Meal)
  • Searching by Barcode (Branded Products)
  • Use a custom made Recipe you can add to your own database (Custom Meal)
  • Use a recipe from the KetoDiet Blog (KetoDiet Blog Meal)
  • Use a recipe from the KetoDiet App (KetoDiet Meal)
  • Directly log a menu item from the integrated huge list of Restaurants (Restaurant Meal, more in depth later)

Usually, food trackers end here. Not the KetoDiet app. The Pie Charts we needed to "hack" MyFitnessPal for? They're just there plain and simple showing under the Macros tab, just next to meals, along with details for Macro and Micronutrients you consumed (or plan to consume) that day. Since the food database is not user-generated but manually researched and added by Martina's collaborators, many of which are nutrition and health professionals, you also finally can track your Electrolytes properly as all foods have clear values for Sodium, Potassium and Magnesium showing, when in most user-generated food databases usually micronutrients and vitamins are quickly dismissed.

On top of that you can do every day tracking for Water, Body Stats like weight fat percentage and measurements and have an extra tab More for tracking general energy and mood to that really, when looking back, you can easily connect the dots on cause and effect given what you had (or did not have) that day. Where the KetoDiet App still shows its Ketogenic acumen is in the Readings tab as of course, everyone on a ketogenic diet has at some point measured their Blood Glucose or Ketones in the blood but also in Urine or Breath? Possibly done bloodwork to see how their Cholesterol and Lipid profile is improving. Well this doesn't have to get just a general note as the Readings Tab takes that into consideration and for all these values will generate a chart in the Progress section, which I'll get to in a second.


The Progress Section takes the values from all your daily inputs in the Planner and makes any trend jump to your eyes to understand what's working and what isn't in your Keto Journey. The progress can be broken down for periods of 7 days, 2 weeks, 1 month or 3 months (my personal favourite), any Custom Range of your preference and also, of course All Time from the beginning of your personal journey (I personally hated how MyFitnessPal cut the stats at the last 365 days, and made most of the data premium, meaning to access it the cheapest version was £39.99 per year, whereas the KetoDiet App PRO version has all of that and more for a one-off price of £8.99. At the beginning of my Keto Journey, I would spend an entire day every few months to get all the charts from MFP and start comparing them against Food Diaries to understand what was influencing my weight loss, energy, glucose and ketones trends. It would literally take me at least a day's work to do that and you can still see the result of a couple of those back in my early day's blog. Laborious as it was I stopped eventually but that kind of data analysis is what made me successful in my journey back then, so having everything already compared and averaged for me is basically doing all that work for me, helping to know what is worth adjusting and what's worth repeating without having to go crazy analysing charts myself.


The first KetoDiet App was an amazing collection of recipes bundles which were an extension of the KetoDiet Blog, all "oh-so-delicious" I have no problem admitting I was a happy customer myself and bought them all long before having the pleasure of testing the new and improved version, where all recipes are now given by default even in the Basic version for £3.99. On top of that though, the way everything is seamlessly integrated will let you just add recipes and portions from both the KetoDiet App and the KetoDiet Blog directly into your Planner, so without the need to make your own custom recipe and input all ingredients, and then divide. Nope, all done, search, add, boom, done! I think at the moment you have access to 735 Recipes from the KetoDiet Blog (and counting!) and 300 Recipes exclusive to the KetoDiet App which you won't find on blogs or books. You can make them and you can track them, all at once.


This is the revolution everybody on Keto wanted: I get asked multiple times per week the popular question "I am going out for Dinner at Olive Garden? What can I order?"
Well here's the ultimate solution: the Restaurant section is actually an accurate list of Restaurants franchises split between "Local" (depending on your location) and "Other", and features the likes of Burger King, Itsu, KFC, Nando's, Starbucks and Wagamama for the UK, and places like Domino's, Wendy's, Olive Garden, Pizza Hut, Subway, Taco Bell and TGI Friday's for the US.
For every Restaurant, you get a list of all the Menu Items they have that are under 15g of Net Carbs, and get this: every dish is individually researched by the KetoDiet App developers, not just blindly trusting nutritional values even for the restaurants that provide them (which unfortunately aren't that many anyway) so you're sure that even when you have to eat out, you can do your research and do your best to stay on track with your Keto Journey! Of course as for the recipes and food database, every Menu Item has all macronutrients populated and you can directly add them to the Planner from the restaurant List, or, when in the Planner, pick the Restaurant Meal option as we saw before, and there it is, all calculations done and added to your food diary in a simple click.


What should I get at my next grocery shopping that is Keto Friendly? Easily enough the KetoDiet App thought of that too and lets you add items to the Basket which works exactly like a Shopping List, based either on what you eat on certain Days from your Planner or based on Recipes, either custom made by you or the ones from the KetoDiet App. 
  • From Recipes, you just need to scroll down past the Macronutrients and you'll see the ingredients list, you can either add them all or just select the ones you're missing.
  • From Planner, on the main tab at the top you'll have the Add To Basket option, once clicked it will ask you for a Date Range to select from, meaning you can plan your week of food id advance in the Planner then just extract the Shopping List for it by selecting the Start and End Dates and all the foods included in that date range will be added to your Shopping List!

Add to Basket from Planner
Add to Basket from Recipe

Arrange by Ingredients, Food Group or Meal


As the KetoDiet Blog and Martina are not just a Cave of Wonders for Keto Recipes, but also for Keto Science, you have the essential KetoDiet Guide integrated here as well, covering all the basic and not so basic questions and curiosities one might have when starting or even cruising on Keto. If that shouldn't be enough there's a specific Guide for the use of the App which basically goes much more in depth than I've done, with screenshots and guides to let you use the KetoDiet App to its maximum potential, and cherry on top, there's also a very well populated facebook group the KetoDiet Support Group where you can find help and answers for both the App and your own Keto Journey

See now why I converted without hesitation to the KetoDiet App? Considering the features it brings for a fraction of the Price and for just a one-off buy, whilst some food planner apps like MyFitnessPal and Lifesum require you to pay monthly / yearly hefty subscriptions in order to let you access all that in-depth data. As a note having Profiles now allow you to also sync your data between devices, which at the moment is an option available only for iOS, but once on Android it should be possible to then synchronize across platforms too, meaning you can have your data, progress, planner and custom foods on every device you have.

There is also a Giveaway currently running on Instagram where the lovely Martina herself was so gracious to give 3 winners a Full Version of the KetoDiet App Pro. You can check out the giveaway here and still enter, Winners will be announced during the Livestream Q&A on the 29th July 2018, 5pm BST / 12pm EST / 9am PST at