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BULK POWDERS Low Carb Haul 💊🥞 Keto Friendly Foods, Ingredients and Supplements

BULK POWDERS HAUL for Low Carb Foods Ingredients and Supplements! Including Whey Protein Isolate 90 and 97, Zero Maple Syrup, L-Carnitine 🥑 Join the VIPs at 🥓 Buy Me Bacon? 🔔 Access Members ONLY content at ❤️❤️❤️ Patreon Executive Producers: Sharon + Maria Be. + Laura + Isabel + Hugh + Hannah + Carol + Esther + Tammy + Liz + Elena ❤️❤️❤️ As PATREONS you have 20% off the Merchandise on TeeSpring!!! Get your code here: 👕 🛍️ GINGER MERCH for tshirts and tote bags here's a list of foods and supplement I usually get from them. These are affiliate links meaning that not only there is NO EXTRA COST but you actually get the DISCOUNT TOO, and you directly support the channel as we might get a small commission, and as you know me, I would use and buy these anyway so you know where you stand with me ;) 40% OFF WITH CODE SCORE ROAST HAZELNUT BUTTER ZERO MAPLE SYRUP WHEY PROTEIN ISOLATE 97 (only protein to cook with with zero carbs) PSYLLIUM HUSK POWDER (finest I ever found) L-CARNITINE 1000MG (basically the little transporter that helps fat getting burnt) ELECTROLYTE POWDER (easy if you have trouble stay on top of pills, mostly for Sodium and Potassium) MAGNESIUM BISGLYCINATE (If oxide and citrate give you the runs) ALPHA LIPOIC ACID 500G (please don't take more than x2, it's the best anti oxidant there is if you don't abuse and Dr James Dinicolaantonia confirmed my suspicion in this paper that indeed it shows a support of he immune system repose by lowering inflammation ) A Randomized, Single-blind, Group sequential, Active-controlled Study to evaluate the clinical efficacy and safety of α-Lipoic acid for critically ill patients with corona virus disease 2019 Ming Zhong, Aijun Sun, Ting Xiao, Ge Yao, Ling Sang, Xia Zheng, Jinyan Zhang, Xuejuan Jin, Lei Xu, Wenlong Yang, Peng Wang, Kai Hu, Dingyu Zhang, Junbo Ge medRxiv 2020.04.15.20066266; doi: Come interact and share your recipes and ideas on Instagram: Our Facebook Group: Facebook Page: Twitter: All of My videos in neat Playlists 🥓 Ginger's Keto Recipes 💬 Ginger's Keto Science Talkies 🛒 Keto Food Hauls and Shopping Lists 📚 How To Keto - The Essential Keto Beginner's Guide 💌 Want to make sure you get reminded of every new recipe? There's a Mailing List for that: 📭 For questions or collaborations, you can get drop me a line at All affiliate links are the products I use. When you buy a product via one of these links you are supporting the channel at NO EXTRA COST to you and you have all my appreciation for that. The Info and knowledge of the Ketogenic Diet, Biology and Biochemistry usually come from personal curiosity and research. I do however hold the following certifications so far: THE OPEN UNIVERSITY - The Science of Nutrition (2015) UNIVERSITY OF ABERDEEN - Nutrition and Wellbeing (2016) NUTRITION NETWORK (THE NOAKES FOUNDATION) - Professional Training in LCHF/Ketogenic Nutrition & Treatment (2018) STANFORD UNIVERSITY - Introduction to Food and Health (2019) UNIVERSITY OF COPENHAGEN - Diabetes – the Essential Facts NUTRITION NETWORK - LCHF in Clinical Practice (2019) I love to research but I am not a medical professional and the information given here does not constitute medical advice. If you embark on a lifestyle change please do consult your doctor first.