Ginger Keto UK Live Q&A 21st March 2021

LIVE KETO Q&A WITH GINGER AND LOVELY ASSISTANT ROBXN Ask us anything about keto and we'll share out decade of knowledge with you for free!🥑 Join the VIPs at 🥓 Buy Me Bacon? 🔔 Access Members ONLY content at POLAROID ETSY SHOP BOOKS ON HORMONES, PERIODS, MENOPAUSE AND THYROID |seeing the popularity of the post I made a few days ago about Maisie Hill's books here's a list of what I've been reading the last month and a half in preparation for my next endocrinologist appointment. I found that cross learning about sex hormones AND thyroid hormones is giving me a very high understanding of estrogen based metabolisms and ill hopefulyl give me a good foundation to make my case to the doctors as to what's been going on with me. PS: if you get any of these books on amazon via one of this links you are also supporting the channel as we might get a referral commission AT NO EXTRA COST TO YOU UK BASED AUTHORS Maisie Hill is not a doctor herself but most of her sources and explanation are accurate biologically and point to medical doctors finds and studies. She's very similar in delivery to me and makes science approchable, without skimming on the fundamentals. Great for supplements lists and dosages for different issues, from estrogen dominance, to anxiety. MAISIE HILL: PERIOD POWER MAISIE HILL: PERIMENOPAUSE POWER Dr Marion Gluck is an OBGYN now based in London and heads a private clinic dedicated to hormonal issues and imbalance which she treats with bio identical hormones. She was invaluable in teachming me what my GP couldn't bother explaining to me: that the progesterone pill is NOT progesterone but that we do need bio identical progesterone. if you have issues with Contraceptives and wonder why, she covers all the basics and history of Synthetic Vs Bio identical hormones DR MARION GLUCK: IT'S NOT IN MY HEAD, IT'S MY HORMONES DR MARION GLUCK: IT MUST BE MY HORMONES Rachel Hill is a young patient who discovered they had Hashimoto's hypothyroidism in their early 20s and has since become a Patient's advocate. She goes in detail into the issues that even subclinical Hypothyroidism does to a person and shares her experience in educating herself and how she worked towards a solution that worked for her with Desiccated Thyroid Extract. RACHEL HILL: BE YOUR OWN THYROID ADVOCATE US AUTHORS (info still relevant to us on this side of the pond) Dr Lam is a medical doctor specialised in Adrenal and Sex Hormones issues. His book covers all the issues of Estrogen Dominance and explains how most Menopausal issues are actually a high E issue unbalanced by Progesterone and how Estrogen only HRT can lead to issues simply by going into the biological function of Estrogen and Progesterone. He supports bio identical hormones as well and much as he's a bit on the plant based side it's interesting to see how all his advice overlaps 95% to simple keto advice for health. Best one for a list of supplements to take for different situations DR MICHAEL LAM: ESTROGEN DOMINANCE The second book on the STop the THyroid Madness series. The first is by a Patient's Advocate much like Rachel Hill, this second one has all different doctors and medical professionals writing different chapters and linking to studies and medical journals to provide strong evidence in support of what's best for patients irregardles of what's conventional. STOP THE THYROID MADNESS II - EXPERTS DISCUSS THE MEDICAL SIDE OF THYROID ISSUES The only Hormones and Keto book. I had a faulty edition a year or so ago and disregarded it cause it lacked references. I bought a new one and this one has all the medical studies, books, and journals references so it's actually well worth the attention and money. It was the first book which made me look into DIM. I just wish it went more in depth. DR ANNA CABECA: THE HORMONE FIX (also keto) Come interact and share your recipes and ideas on FOOD Instagram SCIENCE Instagram Our Facebook Group: Facebook Page: