Keto Scotch Eggs Recipe (Binging With Babish style) Low Carb Paleo Scotch Eggs Baked

Keto Scotch Eggs Recipe Binging With Babish style, low carb and paleo scotch eggs baked, grain free tasty scotch eggs coated with pork rinds! Buy Me Bacon? 🥓
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These were planned for weeks as this is egg salad eek according to the weird food days of the calendar, but last Thursday Binging with Babish came out with scotch eggs as well for what I can only assume is the same reason, so you'll find the style of tomorrow's video to be a very heavily influenced ovation / parody of the original by Andrew Rea.
Fact remains those babies are delicious and ironically, easier to make than their deviled eggs cousins. Fat Bombs in their own right.

Nutritional Values per scotch egg: 420 calories, 33g Fat, 29g Protein, 0.7g Carbs (0g fibre)


5 organic eggs (+1 for the meat mix)
Courtesy of Liz's Happy Chickens

400g sausage meat

100g pork crunch / crackling / rinds

1 tbsp dried sage

1 tsp black pepper

1 tsp thyme

1 tsp rosemary


Instant Pot

Instant Pot egg rack

Nessie Ladle

Mixing Bowl

Plastic cool down bowl

Rainbow Cutlery

Pyrex Oven Dish

Kitchen Scale

Spice grinder / food blender

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