Keto Healthy Bran Muffins Recipe || 16g Fibre Each!

Keto Muffins with FiberFlour that taste like proper real Muffinsand are diabetic friendly! and with 16g of Fibre each! Starbucks Bran Muffin Recipe eat your ❤️ out! 🔔 If you SUBSCRIBE ring the 🔔 for notifications! Buy Me Bacon? 🥓 🥑 if you like my content please consider supporting my channel via Patreon at Patreon Executive Producers: Sharon + Laura + Nico Nutritional Values per Muffin: 309 kcal, 6g carbs (16g Fibre), 23g Fat, 10g Protein INGREDIENTS (makes 9) 340g /12oz Fiber Flour 100g / 3.5oz Brown Sugar Substitute (as usual I use Sukrin Gold) 30g /1oz softened butter 280ml /9.4fl oz heavy / double cream 1tbsp baking powder 2tsp vanilla 1 egg TOOLS Bowl Pirex Jug Hand Mixer Spatula Muffin Pan Coconut Oil Spray Whisk Keto and Healthy Bran Muffin Recipe with Oat Bran as the main ingredient in Lonjevity Fiber Flour, the flour of choice for this recipe. These came out of one of my donuts attempts actually while I was trying to make good use of the new Fiber Flour I got hold of. I usually don't like using unique products in recipes and I have always disliked Carbalose, Carbquick and all those flours replacement. This I like the ingredients of despite the carb count being slightly higher than I liked to I gave it a chance and in all fairness, it does behave like flour more than anything else I ever baked with, also having Oat Bran as the first ingredient it actually supports the Bran Nature of these Muffins KITCHEN KETO ESSENTIALS FOOD SCALE My Rainbow Cutlery: 🛍️👚👕You live the keto Lifestyle? NOW WEAR IT! Ginger's Keto Merchandise is finally here Come interact and share your recipes and ideas on Instagram: Our Facebook Group: Facebook Page: Twitter: Blog: 👓My Specs come from Firmoo, you can get 15% off through my link 👚My t-shirt in the video is All of My videos in neat Playlists Ginger's Keto Recipes 🥓 Ginger's Keto Talkies 💬 Keto Friendly Foods Tuesdays 🥑 No Stupid Questions Thursdays ⁉️ Keto Food Hauls and Shopping Lists 🛒 Basics Keto Recipes 🍳 How To Keto 📚 - The Essential Keto Beginner's Guide Ginger's Livestreams 💬🗯️💭 Chit Chat Keto Q&As All my Keto Recipes on PINTEREST Want to make sure you get reminded of every new recipe? There's a Mailing List for that: For questions or collaborations, you can get drop me a line at All affiliate links are the products I use. Every product is researched to give you the best quality of carb content and value for money. When you buy a product via one of these links you are supporting the channel at NO EXTRA COST to you and you have all my appreciation for that.