LivLife Low Carb Bread - Is it Keto Friendly?

This is why it's not just 20g of carbs, but the food the carbs come from. Anything with wheat, forget about. I filmed a Waitrose haul over the weekend so got a loaf of LivLife bread being the only "lower carb" bread in the UK. It's 4g carbs per slice. I had two this morning so 8g of carbs. I usually have more carbs between my bacon and cauliflower in the AM and still have stellar post prandial values, instead. look at this: blood glucose still up almost +1 mmol/L (90 fasted to 106 after 2 hours still) and tanked ketones down from 1.4 to barely 0.5. it's not just the carb count, it's the glycaemic index and how much a food can spike your glucose, hence insulin. Steer clear of grain ingredients regardless of carb content.