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LIZZO's Watch Out For The BIG GRRRLS Episode One Reaction and Review by Your Favourite Fat, Mixed Race, Queer Gal: Alisha. All 8 episodes will be out on our new channel As a fat girl, there are things in this show that I never saw the representation of before, and probably no one straight-sized knows or understand. SUPPORT US ON PATREON: ONE TIME DONATION: BUY US A COFFEE: In the S01E01 Becoming 100% That Bitch I talk about: 🕰️ CHAPTERS 🕰️ 00:00 LIZZO's Watch Out For The BIG GRRRLS Episode 1 Review Reaction By a Fat Girl 01:19 Fatphobia Is Alive And Well 04:40 Episode One: Becoming 100% That Bitch 05:20 Real Fat Bodies: From Beth Ditto Cover to the Big GRRRLS 07:44 Ki'ana and Bodies Made For Dancing? 10:20 Kimberly and the Myth of Stamina 14:48 Jayla and The Racist Origins of Fatphobia 20:27 Sydney and Competitiveness 26:38 Lizzo Hosts a Dance Battle 27:53 What Tee Noir Taught Me About Women's Support 34:04 Conclusions 📚 BIBLIOGRAPHY 📚 Some of The Sources for things I mentioned FATPHOBIA OR RACISM: WHAT'S WORSE IN ITALY? Sabrina Strings: Fearing The Black Body. The Racial Origins of Fatphobia Naomi Wolf: The Beauty Myth Tee Noir - Don't Be Shy, Just Say You're Jealous OUR SOCIAL MEDIA FACEBOOK INSTAGRAM TWITTER CHARITIES WE SUPPORT: Trans Aid Cymru Gender Swap (supporting trans and GNC individuals to access clothes & community) Mermaids UK (Trans Youth Support) Black Lives Matter Period Poverty UK